Boutique Katom is always seeking the right partner.

We are seeking individuals, organizations and institutions who's love and connection to the Original Bible Belt, Judea and Samaria, is second to none.

If you read the
About us page, you would have seen that Boutique Katom does not exist in a bubble. We are owned and operated by a parent company called Dapei Katom. The first and only marketing company which specifically promotes businesses located in Judea, Samaria, Binyamin, the  Jordan valley as well as those from Gush Katif.

What does this mean? It means that when you become our partner with Boutique Katom, revenue from sales is used further to be reinvested into the local economy of Judea & Samaria. So in reality, one who purchases a painting from Gush Etzion and has it delivered to Miami Florida, will also know that revenue from that sale will also be used to promote a plumber in Beit El.

Never before has this been done...the more reason to join us. If your organization is continually looking for ways to effectively connect and brand to your existing base, we provide materials on a regular bases for you to just send out. We do all the work.

If there is any time in your life to pick up a pen and contribute to historical record, it is now.  Come with us, work with us and strengthen Judea and Samaria for the Jewish people.

Thank you and we look forward to speaking.

Gedaliah Blum
Sr. Partner, Boutique Katom