Stability And Movement


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My children’s colorful laundry is contrasting and complementary against the desert scenery. The laundry is multicolored compared to the monotony of the desert, light and full of movement compared to solid stability, the clothing continuously flaps while the desert is still. As I fulfill my housewife duties and hang laundry, I gaze upon the desert- it’s simple and free. These are different parts of who I am.

Details of Print:
Print on Canvas, unstretched.
Printing Dimensions: 47cm x 60cm


Efrat Binah Yokel

Efrat Binah Tokel is a married mother of four. She resides in the eastern Gush Ezion town of Tekoa- which overlooks the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. After aquiring a degree in Torah education and Jewish Oral law, Efrat continued her path towards art and education with a degree in Art Therapy. Efrat continued to develop her art skills, technique and style, studying under many...

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