The Prayer of Chana


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The biblical story of Chana, from the book of Shmuel (Samuel) I. In the center stands the Shiloh Tabernacle. To the right is the figure of the praying Chana. To the left she leads the result of her shattering prayer- her young son, destined to become the great Prophet Shmuel.

Details of Print:
Print on Canvas, unstretched.
Printing Dimensions: 60cm x 47cm

Greta Koznikov

Greta Koznikov was born in the Ukraine. At the age of eight months, when the Nazis invaded Russia, the family fled to Siberia. Only her grandfather, a Rabbi, stayed in the city. He believed that the Nazis would not behave as the Soviets did- closing synagogues and Jewish institutions, and exiling Jews to Siberia. Eventually the Nazis were the ones who killed him. Greta has been...

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