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The ancient, majestically spiritual city of Tzfat is constantly changing; undergoing rennovations and renewal.
This painting is based on a photograph taken there, of a place that actually no longer exists.
It was painstakingly created over the course of an entire year; detail by tiny detail.
The message is one of ancient stone mixed with beautiful fleeting flowers - old with new, love and waiting.

Details of Print:
Print on Canvas, unstretched.
Printing Dimensions: 60cm x 50cm

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Elisheva Blum

Born in the USA in 1983,  Elisheva (Harow) Blum made aliyah with her family at the age of 5 to the then-fledgling city of Efrat, located in the hills of Judea. Her childhood home was intensely infused with the passionate love and appreciation of the land and G-d of Israel, which came to greatly influence her artistic development. As a child, Elisheva always had an affinity for...

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