About us

Letter from Gedaliah Blum, Creator of Boutique Katom

To all from close and far,

The return to the Land of Israel has been a dream for hundreds of our previous generations beginning with the exile by the Romans over 2000 years ago.

We stand here today, in the beautiful rolling hills of Judea & Samaria as testimony that, with time, dreams can come true.

My wife and I are building a family here in Judea & Samaria. It's not an easy life, but a fulfilling one. We are not blind to the pressure and struggles the Jewish people endure in order to live, remain and grow in the ancient land of the Jewish people.

With political and economic pressure coming from both international bodies and domestic institutions and organizations, we decided to do something to strengthen and safeguard the Jewish people's place in its ancient homeland of Judea & Samaria.

In 2009, amongst increased calls to boycott Jewish owned businesses in Judea & Samaria, we decided to do something about it and created the first all inclusive business directory for this region. Instead of hiding, we are showcasing our businesses…and I will tell you what, although there seems to be a strong voice against the Jewish people in Judea & Samaria, we have witnessed a silent, yet strong group of supporters; Both from Israel and from without.

The Directory is named Dapei Katom;, which translates to the "Orange Pages"; A color synonymous with the struggle for Gush Katif (Jewish Gaza communities) and select Shomron communites. The energy we witnessed and felt in relation to unity, love of the nation of Israel and the Land of Israel is what we had in mind when naming this company. Not to mention it was a playoff of the very well known "Yellow pages".

Dapei Katom is a local business directory as well as a community website where one can learn about ongoing events, lists second hand items, search out real estate and more.

So now here we are, on this website, Boutique Katom. Because Dapei Katom is a domestic and much localized website, we wanted to expand in order to make a much larger impression on the local economy. Boutique Katom is an English language shop for the international community. The First online international boutique showcasing handmade products created exclusively in Judea and Samaria.

With the concept of showcasing and selling a wide selection of items, Boutique Katom is beginning with original pieces of art; both prints and originals from some of the most talented people who reside in Judea & Samaria. The art is scanned and printed using some of the most sophisticated and advanced technology available today. We can say that even an expert will have to take a second or third look in order to tell the difference between copy and original.

So what is the connection between Boutique Katom and Dapei Katom?

When you purchase from Boutique Katom, you should know that revenue from the sale is reinvested and channeled to Dapei Katom. Here we will be more prepared to promote the thousands of local businesses we currently represent within the directory. Remember, most of these companies are just small businesses, with less than 5 employees. Bringing just a couple additional clients per month make a big difference to their bottom line. And when we can affect a business's bottom line, we have a direct effect on a growing community.

So get involved in changing the facts on the ground. Pick up your pen and contribute to the history books which are currently being written. Make your mark.  Purchase items from the boutique.

Thank you and we hope to create long lasting relationships with all of you.
Gedaliah Blum