About Boutique Katom

Boutique Katom is a high-end online shop which specializes in items and products created and developed by people located in Judea and Samaria.  We are dedicated to providing customers a means to support & connect with those in Judea and Samaria while receiving beautiful goods. We will offer exceptional customer service in a visibly relaxing and engaging online shopping environment. Our mission is to provide customers with unique, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices all at the same time instilling in the buyer that their purchases are directly supporting the people living in Judea and Samaria.

Featured items

  • Cesarea Sunset
    The ancient port city of Caesarea and its Roman aqueduct are depicted in this painting in the...
    Cesarea Sunset Geula Twersky
  • Aliyah
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 50cm x 60cm;...
    Aliyah Orli Ziv
  • In My Forest
    A view from the nature reserve in Moshav Beit Meir Details of Print: Print on...
    In My Forest Michelle Katz
  • The Flight
    Finally they are coming! My brothers from Ethiopia are coming home, the sons of Dan the daughters...
    The Flight Riki Rothenberg
  • Daffodils
    A painting in the series "transparent" - referring to the vase the flowers are placed...
    Daffodils Hagay Emmanuel
  • Old City of Hebron
    Old City of Hebron Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing...
    Old City of Hebron Baruch Nachshon
  • Chamaniot (Sunflowers)
    Chamaniot, or sunflowers, are a ubiquitous bloom in Israel's sundrenched gardens. Their...
    Chamaniot (Sunflowers) Geula Twersky
  • Reunited
    After centuries of yearning, the city that had been torn apart by walls and fences has been put...
    Reunited Riki Rothenberg
  • Judean Desert
    The Judean Desert, as seen from a Jerusalem lookout point. Original - watercolor....
    Judean Desert Hanna Nussbaum
  • Agudah Achat
    Depicted in this painting is a large crowd assembled around the Torah during the festival of...
    Agudah Achat Geula Twersky
  • The Crown
    Above the mountains of Jerusalem the spirit of all humanity is hovering, bearing the crown that...
    The Crown Riki Rothenberg
  • Untitled
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 70cm x 53cm;...
    Untitled Efrat Binah Yokel
  • Shafts valley (straight ahead)
    Ink on cotton paper. A rough but beautiful land. Like its people. Details of Print:...
    Shafts valley (straight ahead) Tamar Rund
  • Afternoon Trees
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 80cm x 34.7cm;...
    Afternoon Trees Elisheva Shira
  • Rooster
    A contrast in blue and orange. The division of time, dawn dividing between night and day....
    Rooster Ora Uziel
  • Women at Rebbe Shimon
    At the gravesite of Rebbe Shimon, Countless women, whisper heartfelt prayers of healing  and...
    Women at Rebbe Shimon Elisheva Shira