About Boutique Katom

Boutique Katom is a high-end online shop which specializes in Canvass prints suing only the highest level of materials and technology. All paintings were created by Israeli Artists living in Judea and Samaria.  We will offer exceptional customer service in a visibly relaxing and engaging online shopping environment. Our mission is to provide customers with unique, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices.We aim to instil in the buyer that their purchases are directly influencing the home they are building, where Israel is a central part of it.
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Featured items

  • Tree of Life
    The inspiration for this painting originated from the teachings and worldview of Rabbi Eliyahu...
    Tree of Life Elisheva Blum
  • Four Holy Cities
    Hebron, Tiberias, Jerusalem and Safed. Details of Print: Print on Canvas,...
    Four Holy Cities Baruch Nachshon
  • Maapilim
    This painting depicts the arrival of Holocaust survivors to Israel's shores, defying the...
    Maapilim Geula Twersky
  • Plane Tree In The Fall
    The fallen leaves of the Plane tree, set upon the roots of trees planted by the Snir River....
    Plane Tree In The Fall Oriya Elias
  • Praise
    Give thanks for all life’s glories, for all the love that you have. Love yourself so you...
    Praise Riki Rothenberg
  • Pink Jerusalem Desert
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 60cm x 48.7cm;...
    Pink Jerusalem Desert Orli Ziv
  • Wolf and Lamb
    There is always a way to solve disputes. There is always a way to love the other. One can be...
    Wolf and Lamb Riki Rothenberg
  • Solitary
    So great was she, so wonderful, beautiful and glorious, loved and admired. Yet now she is so...
    Solitary Riki Rothenberg
  • Flames
    Flames that are inside you, flames that are part of you, that inspire your ways. A glow that is...
    Flames Riki Rothenberg
  • A Hut In The Desert
    The desert heat in the town is immense, yet the hut lends a cooling shade, behaving as an oasis-...
    A Hut In The Desert Efrat Binah Yokel
  • Revival
    She embraces her city, and her spirit supports her people she just received a brand new city,...
    Revival Riki Rothenberg
  • Candle Lighting
    Generations of Jewish women and their daughters light the Sabbath candles.,Bringing light and...
    Candle Lighting Elisheva Shira
  • Across The Fence
    View as seen from my window. Emotions stirred by the sight of homes upon a strip of land,...
    Across The Fence Efrat Binah Yokel
  • Anemonies
    A meadow sprinkled with red and yellow wildflowers. Details of Print: Print on Canvas,...
    Anemonies Malka Tawil
  • Courtyard in Tzfat
    Picture of the inner courtyard of a home in the ancient city of tzfat in israel. The view is...
    Courtyard in Tzfat Sara Joselit
  • Caravan And Desert
    View seen from my window. Depicted is my neighbor’s caravan. Behind it lays the vast...
    Caravan And Desert Efrat Binah Yokel