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About Boutique Katom

Boutique Katom is a high-end online shop which specializes in items and products created and developed by people located in Judea and Samaria.  We are dedicated to providing customers a means to support & connect with those in Judea and Samaria while receiving beautiful goods. We will offer exceptional customer service in a visibly relaxing and engaging online shopping environment. Our mission is to provide customers with unique, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices all at the same time instilling in the buyer that their purchases are directly supporting the people living in Judea and Samaria.

Featured items

  • Peace Signet Ring
    3 Pomegranates on a circle base signet ring with ancient Hebrew with the word Peace - Shalom....
    Peace Signet Ring Michal Shvut
  • Pink, The Door of Hope
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 60cm x 59.9cm;...
    Pink, The Door of Hope Orli Ziv
  • Pomegranate Leaf Earrings
    The pomegranate symbolizes abundance, beauty, blessing and wisdom. These Sterling silver...
    Pomegranate Leaf Earrings Margalit Apelbaum
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers
    Pair of Salt & Pepper Shakers in Burgandy Miniature salt shakers. Durable glass,...
    Salt & Pepper Shakers Reuma Zilberstien
  • Hills
    Calming effect of the fields and hills in the south of israel. Details of Print: Print...
    Hills Malka Tawil
  • The Judean Hills
    My childhood’s favored landscape: the mountains of Gush Etzion located in the Judean...
    The Judean Hills Efrat Binah Yokel
  • Gathering
    From far they are flying, holding scarves being pulled by the divine. I called them from all over...
    Gathering Riki Rothenberg
  • Hoshana Rabba
    Hakafot , the tradition of walking around the  Bima  (Torah reading table) on the...
    Hoshana Rabba Geula Twersky
  • Plenty
    Waterfalls of blessings from heaven are showering over your head every day. Just raise your face...
    Plenty Riki Rothenberg
  • Judean Desert
    The Judean Desert, as seen from a Jerusalem lookout point. Original - watercolor....
    Judean Desert Hanna Nussbaum
  •   "Noa": Two Grays Faux Leather backpack Features: Double-clip top...
    "Noa" - Two Grays Bilha Charlap
  • Musician
    Singer! Sing out loudly the song of life, play its music, for you have to look for the morning...
    Musician Riki Rothenberg
  • Rooster
    A contrast in blue and orange. The division of time, dawn dividing between night and day....
    Rooster Ora Uziel
  • Thy Lord Preserves
    A Necklace with a square pendant with the words in modern Hebrew: "ה' ישמור צאתך...
    Thy Lord Preserves Michal Shvut
  • Torches
    You have a spark; you are light in the darkness around. It is not much; it will barely help you...
    Torches Riki Rothenberg
  • 3 Pomegranates Signet Ring
    3 Pomegranates on a circle base signet ring with ancient Hebrew with the word Peace - Shalom....
    3 Pomegranates Signet Ring Michal Shvut