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About Boutique Katom

Boutique Katom is a high-end online shop which specializes in items and products created and developed by people located in Judea and Samaria.  We are dedicated to providing customers a means to support & connect with those in Judea and Samaria while receiving beautiful goods. We will offer exceptional customer service in a visibly relaxing and engaging online shopping environment. Our mission is to provide customers with unique, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices all at the same time instilling in the buyer that their purchases are directly supporting the people living in Judea and Samaria.

Featured items

  • Salt & Pepper Shakers
    Pair of Salt & Pepper Shakers in Burgandy Miniature salt shakers. Durable glass,...
    Salt & Pepper Shakers Reuma Zilberstien
  • Musician
    Singer! Sing out loudly the song of life, play its music, for you have to look for the morning...
    Musician Riki Rothenberg
  • Harp
    Play your harp and sing your thanks. The music and the song is the beat of life. Go on living, go...
    Harp Riki Rothenberg
  • Miracles
    Of The Miracles (Al Hanisim): From the prayer recited during the days of Hanukkah. Details...
    Miracles Baruch Nachshon
  • Moshav Beit Meir
    In the scenic Judean hills Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched....
    Moshav Beit Meir Michelle Katz
  • Almond Tree
    Springtime is heralded in Israel with the early blooming of the Almond trees. The Galilee bursts...
    Almond Tree Geula Twersky
  • Pastures
    Your hand and your hug, your guidance and your love, are the light that will always shine...
    Pastures Riki Rothenberg
  • Peace Signet Ring
    3 Pomegranates on a circle base signet ring with ancient Hebrew with the word Peace - Shalom....
    Peace Signet Ring Michal Shvut
  • Temple Mount/ Kotel
    The majesty and mystery of Temple mount is a reflection of the Revelation at Sinai. In this...
    Temple Mount/ Kotel Geula Twersky
  • Wolf and Lamb
    There is always a way to solve disputes. There is always a way to love the other. One can be...
    Wolf and Lamb Riki Rothenberg
  • Women at Rebbe Shimon
    At the gravesite of Rebbe Shimon, Countless women, whisper heartfelt prayers of healing  and...
    Women at Rebbe Shimon Elisheva Shira
  • Heavens
    Love, Majesty, and Fertility are the three midwifes that help support and encourage the process...
    Heavens Riki Rothenberg
  • Interior in Jerusalem
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 57.5cm x 80cm;...
    Interior in Jerusalem Ruth Pasder
  • Gathering
    From far they are flying, holding scarves being pulled by the divine. I called them from all over...
    Gathering Riki Rothenberg
  • House on hill
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 70cm x 39.6cm;...
    House on hill Malka Tawil
  • Untitled
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 80cm x 59.4cm;...
    Untitled Efrat Binah Yokel