About Boutique Katom

Boutique Katom is a high-end online shop which specializes in items and products created and developed by people located in Judea and Samaria.  We are dedicated to providing customers a means to support & connect with those in Judea and Samaria while receiving beautiful goods. We will offer exceptional customer service in a visibly relaxing and engaging online shopping environment. Our mission is to provide customers with unique, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices all at the same time instilling in the buyer that their purchases are directly supporting the people living in Judea and Samaria.

Featured items

  • Stability And Movement
    My children’s colorful laundry is contrasting and complementary against the desert...
    Stability And Movement Efrat Binah Yokel
  • Almond Tree
    Springtime is heralded in Israel with the early blooming of the Almond trees. The Galilee bursts...
    Almond Tree Geula Twersky
  • Reunited
    After centuries of yearning, the city that had been torn apart by walls and fences has been put...
    Reunited Riki Rothenberg
  • Table with Pomegranates
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 80cm x 60.2cm;...
    Table with Pomegranates Elisheva Shira
  • Plane Tree In The Fall
    The fallen leaves of the Plane tree, set upon the roots of trees planted by the Snir River....
    Plane Tree In The Fall Oriya Elias
  • Bucharin Succot
    This colorful painting is based on an authentic black and white photo taken of a Bucharin family...
    Bucharin Succot Geula Twersky
  • Maapilim
    This painting depicts the arrival of Holocaust survivors to Israel's shores, defying the...
    Maapilim Geula Twersky
  • Miracles
    Of The Miracles (Al Hanisim): From the prayer recited during the days of Hanukkah. Details...
    Miracles Baruch Nachshon
  • Afternoon in the Park
    In Paris. A blessed, magical hour- the light hangs low in the sky. A days' end...
    Afternoon in the Park Ora Uziel
  • Waiting for you
    ON SALE: Was $220.00 - NOW $150.00 Free Global Shipping The ancient, majestically...
    Waiting for you Elisheva Blum
  • Pastures
    Your hand and your hug, your guidance and your love, are the light that will always shine...
    Pastures Riki Rothenberg
  • A Harp
    A Harp Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 63.9cm x...
    A Harp Baruch Nachshon
  • Chamaniot (Sunflowers)
    Chamaniot, or sunflowers, are a ubiquitous bloom in Israel's sundrenched gardens. Their...
    Chamaniot (Sunflowers) Geula Twersky
  • Thora Blues
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 60cm x 54.2cm;...
    Thora Blues Orli Ziv
  • Untitled
    Details of Print: Print on Canvas, unstretched. Printing Dimensions: 80cm x 59.4cm;...
    Untitled Efrat Binah Yokel
  • Blessing
    Go on your way my son, our blessings shall be your companions in the years to come, and our love...
    Blessing Riki Rothenberg